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Online Confined Space

Restricted and confined spaces are special types of hazardous environments that may present themselves at workplaces such as oil and gas facilities, construction sites, manufacturing, mining and many industrial sites.   Since the chances of death and disability increase when an employee enters a confined space due to gas and atmospheric hazards or physical dangers,… Read more

Fall Protection

Fall Protection has been a popular topic of conversation given the statistics pointing to a high proportion of deaths and disabilities in Canada.   Home safety is a very important to focus on, as the layperson may have less experience climbing a ladder, or checking the eaves trough on their roof. Due to the lack… Read more

Aerial Lifts and Scissor Lifts Online

There is a great demand at construction sites for credible and experienced drivers who are certified to operate aerial lifts. Before spending a lot of money and time off the job to see if this new career initiative is for you, consider enrolling in our reasonable and extremely useful online program.   This online seminar… Read more

Medical & Dental Offices

Red Cross oriented. One year certification on stand alone CPR. Up to 3 years under the First Aid umbrella.   CPR Level A : Adult Oriented includes Heart Disease Risk Factors, AED, and choking skills for lay people.   $45 + 2.25 = $47.25    CPR Level C: 2 rescuer CPR Skills – Adult infant… Read more