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Aerial Lifts and Scissor Lifts Online

There is a great demand at construction sites for credible and experienced drivers who are certified to operate aerial lifts. Before spending a lot of money and time off the job to see if this new career initiative is for you, consider enrolling in our reasonable and extremely useful online program.


This online seminar is a simple way to quickly introduce you to the requirements of aerial lift safety while reviewing the means to avoid accidents at the worksite and qualify you for the job.


These vehicles allow workers to reach and work in high places that would be difficult to access otherwise. However, an employee needs to be aware of the number of hazards that can be faced, such as electrocution, falling off the bucket, tip overs and blind spots. Since accidents and fatalities have been climbing on the worksite, employers are very concerned about their liability and the loss of human life and vehicle damage expenses.


Our online program is intended to familiarize the student with operation of an aerial lift and outline the appropriate safety procedures to use Anyone in transportation and warehousing, oil and gas, and construction and manufacturing will likely be asked to operate an aerial lift at sometime during the job.


Learn your individual responsibilities, pre operation inspection , potential hazards, and requirements of the manufacturer. This is a basic course to introduce the workers to general concept. It’s a great take off point to start, before attending a classroom and field training program.


Aerial Lifts and Scissor Lifts Online Course is available at Allstar Enviro Safety.

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